Artist Paul Mericle is engaged in a collaborative project to produce works of art that stem from creative constraints provided by you. Using your input, he will approach a common theme in an entirely new way.

For centuries, art has used a variety of media to depict the plants, animals and humans that inhabit this world and our collective unconsciousness. Now, this project invites you to suggest a new mix of these subjects and media, so that the end product will be a “recalibration” of age-old subject matter, made in an innovative way.

Your choices of media and subjects will become creative constraints, or instructions for the artist to follow. For example: you could suggest a blue orchid make of brick, a neon orange box turtle made from spray foam.

The possibilities are endless. You choose the subject matter, material and color; and he will create within those constraints.

To participate, please take the time to read carefully the instructions below.

1. Suggest a subject matter. Please enter the name of any one plantanimal, or human. (Some useful links are provided in the links here.) You can choose something real or imaginary, and feel free to be descriptive.

2. Choose one material. The material you choose will not simply be painted upon, but rather broken down, separated, and built-with ("recalibrated," if you will). Your choice of material should be driven by your subject choice. What would you like to see that subject made out of? Wood? Nails? Bullet casings?  Plastic? brick?

3. Lastly, you'll put your final constraint on the artwork by choosing a color. Be specific and intentional here. Choose a color that means something to you, or even better, a color that means something to this art work. Provide a color you find beautiful, a color you find disgusting, or a color for any mood (see also: color psychology chart). The artist will create a color palette for the work, with at least 3 colors, based on your choice.

Please use specific color names, like the names of the crayons or house paints. For example, "cobalt blue" is preferable to "blue" or "burnt umber" is preferable to "brown".

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